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IMPORTANT INFO!!   Asphalt fumes possibly linked to increased rates of depression and suicide!
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"The Department of Environmental Protection’s mission is to protect Pennsylvania’s air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment...."
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Mission Statement (Click to read entire Mission Statement)

Warrior Roofing Manufacturing, Inc. is located on the property which joins the land under Agreement of Sale to Penn-Mar Ethanol, LLC for the construction of its ethanol production plant.  Warrior has received at nine (10) Notices of Violation from Pennsylvania DEP for off-site malodors.

DEP Reaches Agreement With Warrior Roofing 

According to Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), Warrior also had odor complaints at its roofing manufacturing plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  
see: Odor Complaints
Again according to ADEM documents, Warrior was issued a Notice of Violation citing: "The tank was observed operating with the emissions being uncontrolled." and indeed Warrior paid a penalty to the State of Alabama. 

…The smell, a sometimes strong tar odor, comes from Warrior Roofing, which makes roofing paper. LIDA sold land to the company and it has promised to install equipment to eliminate the odor….
…Antoun said businesses in the industrial park want to know: "What is the third one — hog rendering or (low-level) nuclear waste?"… 
from Jim Hook’s article in today’s Public Opinion titled: Attorney for anti-ethanol group questions LIDA's rule enforcement

During the evaluation and remediation of contamination at Letterkenny Army Depot, there was never an air pollution issue.
If you are being exposed to (smelling) the Warrior Roofing tar malodor from their tar fumes (see definition of fume and Greene Township Ordinance below), please send the following information: Date and time: Intensity and duration of the malodor from the fumes: Approximate location of the event (or your address): Your name and address are also helpful.
Please share this information with your email distribution lists and print it out for your friends and neighbors who may be experiencing the malodor from Warrior's fumes. Please be sure to send your emails (everyday you smell the Warrior Roofing tar malodor) to the Warrior Roofing Contacts AND the PADEP representatives or call or write to them. You can send information on recent incidences as well as future ones.
Link to email with all of the addresses below. (Click here)
It is extremely important that you send every email to the following Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) contacts and save your emails (print or save to your computer to further document your complaints or at least write them on a calendar).

Most important PADEP email addresses:
John Pipta
Air Quality Specialist
DEP Altoona District Office
(814) 946-7269
Ron Davis:
Michael Ruddeck:
Brian Trowbridge:
Rachael Diamond:

You can also CC to:
Dave Jamison (Greene Township Supervisor):
Glenn Shetter (Greene Township Supervisor):
Todd Burns
(Greene Township Supervisor):
You can also copy C4aQE at:
All services in the Chambersburg area remain available at 717-705-4700. Environmental complaints can be made at 717-705-4709. The region’s toll-free 24-hour emergency response line is 877-333-1904.
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection 
Southcentral Region 
909 Elmerton Avenue 
Harrisburg, PA 17110-8200
Warrior Roofing Manufacturing contacts:

Warrior Roofing Manufacturing, Inc.
323 Development Avenue
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Definition of fume from:
Fume - noun (plural fumes)
1. smoke: smoke, gas, or vapor, especially when unpleasant or harmful (often used in the plural) a chemical that emits noxious fumes when exposed to air
2. acrid smell: an acrid or nauseating smell (often used in the plural)
The following section from the Greene Township Ordinance includes Heavy Industrial District (HI) by later reference in the Ordinance.
"Chapter 105: ZONING § 105-11. Light Industrial District (LI). E. Performance standards. All permitted uses and conditional uses shall meet or exceed all of the following requirements: (10) Dust, fumes, vapor, and gas control. The emission of dust, dirt, flash, fumes, vapors, or gases which cause any damage to human health, animals, vegetation or other forms of property, or which can cause soiling or staining of persons or property at any point beyond the lot line of the use creating such emission is hereby prohibited…."
Greene Township Office Building
1145 Garver Lane-P.O. Box 215
Scotland, PA 17254-0215
Phone: 263-4990 or 263-9160
Remember, Warrior Roofing Manufacturing, Inc. is located directly beside the Penn-Mar Ethanol LLC land where the proposed ethanol distillery would be built. During the evaluation and remediation of contamination at Letterkenny Army Depot, there was never an air pollution issue. P

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