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Info about Penn-Mar Ethanol's  appeal to PA Commonwealth Court

"Smart growth recognizes connections between development and quality of life."
Principles of "Smart Growth"

Info about Greene Township's Complaint against

Info on LIDA & the land sale to Penn-Mar Ethanol (Click)

  Ethanol Plant Has Trouble Putting Down Roots
Brian Roche, WGAL TV, 6.22.06
(Click to read)

Asphalt fumes possibly linked to increased rates of depression
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Click to Report Warrior Roofing asphalt fumes to PADEP

Do ethanol distilleries send malodors
 communities and have there been lawsuits?

 Remember Hugh and Barb's Video (Click)

   DANGERS associated with ethanol distilleries and the storage of volatile materials & chemicals

We see our t-shirts everywhere!
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 Pictures of CASD land!!

of air pollutants Penn-Mar Ethanol Distillery would generated (Click)

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Online Complaint Form

If you are being exposed to (smelling) the Warrior Roofing tar malodor from their tar fumes (Warrior is on land directly next to
Penn-Mar's proposed site
click here.

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Ethanol Plant Rally (08/05)
Video from WHP CBS 21 News


Video of the Greene Township Planning Commission Meeting 

Letters to the Editor and Editorials

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NO Ethanol Plant Billboard 

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Ethanol Issues Table of Contents

A few questions about Penn-Mar Ethanol LLC's proposed distillery (2005-2006) (Click)

Articles about the Dangers of Ethanol Distilleries, and Fuel and Chemical Storage (Click)

About Citizens for a Quality Environment (Click)

Air Quality Issues and malodors
Do ethanol distilleries send malodors into the community?
See Question # 9

Tad Patzek's comments from the January 30, 2006 Wilson College Ethanol Forum
(Click for view this part of the Forum - very large file 14.3 MB .wmv file for high-speed connections only)

    Ethanol plants among Iowa's polluters, The rapid growth of the industry has resulted in a 'whole host' of violations.  by Perry Beeman, Des Moines Register, September 11, 2005  (Click to read entire article)

Coal powered ethanol production (Click)

Communities opposing ethanol distilleries  (Click)

Economics of Ethanol (Click)

Elected Officials:  Contact Local Representatives

Ethanol Slide Show click here for pdf  click here for web slides

Financing Ethanol Distilleries (Click)

Fuel economy and Ethanol (Click)

 Ethanol issues at Greene Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania:

Citizens for a Quality Environment Appeal of the Greene Township Zoning Hearing Board Decision on Penn-Mar Ethanol's request for variances to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas  (Click)

Greene Township - Penn-Mar Ethanol Information (Click)
Greene Township - Penn-Mar Ethanol Transcripts & Hearing Info        (Click)

  Land at Cumberland Valley Business Park not sold to Penn-Mar Ethanol LLC for an ethanol distillery: LIDA and the land sale to Penn-Mar Ethanol 2005 (Click)

  Lawsuits against ethanol distilleries and malodors. (Click)

  Letterkenny Army Depot (adjacent to Cumberland Valley Business Park proposed Penn-Mar Ethanol distillery site): Click for more articles and information
   Letterkenny Army Depot website

LIDA aka Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority 
    How Penn-Mar Ethanol got here in the first place and...
    ...why are they still here? (Click and read)

  Letters to the Editor and Editorials (Click)

  OUR PETITION (Click to sign and Mail)

  Odors from ethanol distilleries  see:  #9. Do ethanol distilleries send malodors into the community? on the Questions About Penn-Mar (Click and scroll down to #9)

Penn-Mar Ethanol Distillery Proposed for Greene Township Slide Show of Information, Franklin County, PA
click here for pdf
click here for web slides


Prison - New Franklin County 440 Bed Prison next to the proposed Penn-Mar site (Click)

Questions about Penn-Mar Ethanol's distillery (Click)

Smart Growth in Franklin County, Pennsylvania  (Click)

Subsidies for Penn-Mar farmer/Owners (Click)

Sunnyside Ethanol LLC (Click for Sunnyside application to PA DEP Notice in the PA Bulletin, April 14, 2007)

Traffic Issues (Click)  

Video Adkins Energy in Lena and Badger State in Monroe, WI taken by Hugh and Barb Baker! (Click)

Hugh and Barb Baker, members of c4aQe, traveled to Lena, Illinois and Monroe, Wisconsin to see, hear, and smell real ethanol distilleries operating in real time and on a Saturday night.  They observed and filmed Adkins Energy, LLC's ethanol distillery/refinery and Badger State, LLC's ethanol distillery/refinery in March 2005.

  Warrior Roofing Manufacturing, Inc.  
       (Click here for more information on Warrior) 

  Water issues associated with ethanol distilleries and Penn-Mar Ethanol's proposed distillery in particular. (Click to go to Water Issues Page)

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Even state-of-the-art ethanol plants create air pollution, odors, heavy truck traffic, and dangers of explosion, fire, chemical releases.  But Penn-Mar's proposed ethanol plant design is not even state-of-the-art, according to a representative of the plant's designer Lurgi, PSI

"it's not a Model T; it's not a Hummer.  But, I'd say it's on the order of a seven to eight." [out of ten] 

Testimony of Richard M. Veazie (Principal Process Engineer, Manager of Process/Mechanical Engineering, Lurgi PSI, Inc.)See this testimony.  

Also see Adkins Energy another Lurgi PSI designed ethanol plant.  

Conoy Township, Lancaster County Hearing on Penn-Mar's ethanol plant plans article discusses Lurgi PSI and Adkins Energy Ethanol environmental impact report made public. (The Donegal Ledger Oct-Nov 2004)


TRAFFIC from large trucks:

Traffic in Monroe, Wisconsin (home of the Badger State Ethanol plant visited by LIDA's "Review Team" after the sale of CVBP land to Penn-Mar Ethanol). 

"The biggest traffic jam in Monroe is a farmer hauling a load of corn somewhere...lines up 4 or 5 cars behind..."  
Monroe's Mayor refers to its unique location: "isolated, not a lot of big city growth..."

Check out traffic issues that relate to Penn-Mar truck traffic in Franklin County (Click)

Human intervention (Interference so as to modify a process or situation) into the environment is inevitable.

 What do we make from corn?

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Table of

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Recommended Reading:
The Autoimmune
Donna Jackson Nakazawa
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of ethanol production

and use



Environmental Quotes




Greene Township Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Greene Township Meetings at

1145 Garver Lane, Scotland, PA

LIDA Board Meeting 
April 7, 2008
Cumberland Valley Business Park
5121 Coffey Ave. Chambersburg, PA


Contact information
for Greene & Letterkenny Townships


Letterkenny Army Depot not on the BRAC '05 List! (click)

Environmental Cleanup Wins Letterkenny Army Depot National Recognition
Washington, D.C. (January 22, 2003)



"Our backyards join one to the other to form a bond which covers the globe and links us all, crossing boundaries which are blurred by the movement of wind, water, and the earth itself." 
2004-5-6-7-8 DeEtta Antoun

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