Ethanol plants sued for pollution or odor?

- Northwest ethanol smell still lingers by Jamie Loo,, December 14, 2005

- Ethanol Plant Operator Fined North Platte, 10:28 AM Jun 10, 2005, Associated Press

- Underground stench traced to ethanol plant  from WNDU-TV South Bend, Indiana

- Ace Ethanol to pay $300,000 for violations  Wisconsin

- Sierra Club to Sue South Bend Ethanol Plant - Hoosier Chapter Sierra Club

- Adkins Ethanol--Illinois Attorney General suit against plant for air pollution, and foul-smelling odors. Illinois (a Lurgi, PSI plant) 
   Lena Citizens Group Files Federal Suit to Force Ethanol Plant to Comply with Air Pollution Laws

- Lawsuit filed against Caro Ethanol Plant - Michigan 

- United States Settles with 12 Minnesota Ethanol Companies - US Department of Justice 

- United Stats of America v Gopher State Ethanol - Minnesota

- Heartland Grain Fuels - Ethanol Plant in City Court  South Dakota 

- Minnesota Energy Fined - Minnesota 

- High Plains Ethanol - New Mexico 

- State Files Environmental lawsuit in Portage County - Wisconsin

- State and Citizens sue Ethanol Plant in Lena - Illinois

Ethanol plants send malodors into the community.

      - Port authority deals a blow to ethanol plant by Friday, Jul. 29, 2005,

- Testimony of JoAnn Czajka, who lives 1/4 of a mile from the Badger State Ethanol plant in Monroe, Wisconsin.

- Heidi from Lena Illinois - Adkins Energy

- Opposition to ethanol plant growing.  By Karl Ebert of the Northwestern  Algoma, Minnesota

- United Wisconsin Grain Producers, L.L.C. From their initial prospectus