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Citizens for a Quality Environment is an organization consisting of individuals working together toward preserving, reclaiming, and protecting a quality environment in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency's Mission "to protect human health and the environment."

Citizens for a Quality Environment come together to share concerns, target issues important to our group and our communities, gather information, and work toward issue resolutions."


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Protecting Letterkenny Army Depot from Encroachment
and the next
Base Realignment and Closure Round (BRAC)

  • "No strings attached -- Letterkenny Army Depot will be able to keep the 225 acres it wants.  

    Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority on Monday agreed to surrender its ownership of the land to the Army without restrictions.

  • Letterkenny Board of Township Supervisors Memo to LIDA opposing LEAD retention of BRAC95 land dated September 27, 2006 signed by Charles H. Myers (also the Chairman of the LIDA Board), Jack R. Holmes, and Daniel B. Timmons. (Click to read)

  • LIDA Board Members as of December 2006 (Click)

  • Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority (LIDA) Board Meeting
    Monday, November 6, 2006

    Letterkenny Army Depot Commander Col. Swenson again presented LEAD's request to retain 220 acres of land due to be returned to LIDA, but withdrew their request to repurchase an additional 22 acres. The land includes the test track which is a vital component of LEAD's mission. A key condition of the Colonel's proposal was no remuneration for the land requested or any land swap. LEAD needs the land to resolve "force protection issues" by bringing some current operations "behind the fence," and constructing buildings for other operations, thus strengthening LEAD's position against future BRACs.

    The LIDA Board voted unanimously to accept Col. Swenson's proposal as presented this morning.

    The following list of improvements the LEAD Plan proposes is from the Public Opinion article by Jim Hook, Support grows for Army land: Development group asked to give up claim on depot acreage November 1, 2006  (Click to read article)
    LEAD's Land Use Plan includes: A large maintenance shop; A smaller electronics shop; Storage addition to Building 350; Vehicle storage shed; Shipping and staging buildings and areas; A building where "tent cities" could be assembled; Missile maintenance buildings; Buildings for Army Reserves; Buildings for research and testing; Headquarters; Public works complex; Computer buildings; Installation post office; A new entrance. (Click to read the entire article)

  • LEAD Commander, Col. Robert Swenson 10/2/2006 presentation to the LIDA Board re: retention/reacquisition of approximately 243 acres of BRAC 95 excessed land to expand their operation and remain competitive among Army Depots. (Click to read)

  • C4aQE 10/10/2006 letter to Franklin County Commissioners supporting LEAD's request for retention/reacquisition of land. (Click to read)

  • Click to go to Letterkenny Army Depot website

  • Click to read more information about LEAD's request for LIDA BRACed land

  • Practical Guide to Compatible Civilian Development Near Military Installations, 2.06 (Click) National Governors Association  www.nga.org

  • Military Installations pressured by sprawl (Click)

  • Proactive Options with Neighbors for Defense-installations Sustainability (Click)

  • State Strategies to Address Encroachment at Military Installations (Click)

What have some states been doing to protect their military bases from Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)?

►  Dangers of Ethanol Distilleries and Chemical Storage (Click)

"Smart growth recognizes connections between development and quality of life." Principles of "Smart Growth"  (Click)


Human intervention (Interference so as to modify a process or situation) into the environment is inevitable.




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"Our backyards join one to the other to form a bond which covers the globe and links us all, crossing boundaries which are blurred by the movement of wind, water, and the earth itself." 
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First law of thermodynamics: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.

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