"...Financial benefits
Greenways have economic benefits, according to studies published in 2002 by York County and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

- Nearly three-fourths of Heritage Rail Trail users responding to a survey indicated they spent more than $350 on equipment, mostly bicycles and bike supplies, in the past year.
- Two-thirds said they bought refreshments during their most recent trip to the trail, an average of more than $8 per person.
- Jobs in recreational tourism statewide jumped from 359,000 in 1998 to 459,000 in 2002.
- Communities with recreational greenways have seen increased real estate values. 


The county's Greenway and Open Space Plan shows how parks, recreation areas and green space might be preserved and connected.
Implementing the plan will take time and partnering from municipalities, the county, state and private groups.
The plan recommends that the county planning commission hire a greenways coordinator at an annual cost of about $25,000 for a part-time employee or $35,000 full-time, financed by county and state money. 

Other short-term objectives suggested:
- Start a public relations and marketing program ($30,000)
- Do a "springboard project," such as a watershed conservation plan for a stream ($40,000).
- Identify pilot projects for greenway corridors -- such as extending the Chambersburg Rail Trail or developing on-street bike routes through downtowns...."
Recreation gets a close look: County looks for ways to enhance use of greenways by Jim Hook, Senior writer, Public Opinion, May 22, 2007  (Click to read)
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