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Citizens for a Quality Environment come together to share concerns, target issues important to our group and our communities, gather information, and work toward issue resolutions."


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Greene Township, Franklin County, PA

NEW! RE: PA SR 997 bridge over Interstate 81 at Scotland, PA, Franklin County
According to a PennDOT Senior Project Manager, an informational public meeting about the upcoming construction activities on the SR 997 bridge project will be held on Wednesday, March 26th.  The meeting will be chaired by the construction manager and will give a brief overview of the work, focusing mainly on the contractor's schedule of operations.
Meeting time and location:  Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 7:00 PM in the Scotland Community Center, 3832 Scotland Main Street, Scotland, PA 17254

November 9, 2007:  Pa. 997 bridge project inches toward launch "...The state Department of Transportation published the project for bids. Contractors have until Dec. 13 to bid on the contract. The two-lane bridge at Exit 20 has been scheduled to be widened to five lanes for longer than a decade. Right-of-way acquisitions and utility preparations have hampered the project, now estimated at $9.6 million.
The bridge is one of poorest in Franklin County's I-81 corridor, according to federal bridge standards...."
from the Local Digest, Public Opinion, November 9, 2007

October 12, 2007  "...PennDOT is sticking to its announced bid opening in December and construction start in spring. The project should be advertised for bids within a month, according to PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny.
The $10 million bridge project has been a priority for more than a decade, but has proceeded slowly because of right-of-way acquisitions and engineering to relocate six utilities....
Coordinating the relocations with six different utility companies in a relatively small area is taking more time than we had hoped," R. Scott Christie, acting district executive for PennDOT District 8-0, wrote to state Rep. Rob Kauffman, R-Chambersburg, on Sept. 27. "The department must review the information and verify there are no conflicts with the proposed construction (schedule)."...

PennDOT vows action on bridge by Jim Hook, Senior writer, Public Opinion, October 12, 2007

"...If PennDOT believed the Pa. 997 bridge -- built in 1963 -- needed to be replaced and widened more than a decade ago, it stands to reason that it needs to be replaced now. Planning for the bridge project began 16 years ago and money for it was appropriated in 1995. More than 21,000 vehicles a day pass over the two-lane bridge above Interstate 81 near Scotland.
It's nearly as busy as the county's busiest commercial strip, five-lane Lincoln Way East (U.S. 30) in front of Wal-Mart in Guilford Township...." from
Our view: Don't delay Pa. 997 bridge any longer by Kathy Leedy, on behalf of the Public Opinion Editorial Board, September 13, 2007
Franklin County, PA "Replacing the Pa. 997 bridge over Interstate 81 slipped into the future again, just as Rep. Rob Kauffman, R-Chambersburg, urged the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to stick to its timetable.
"How many times has it been they start to go to bid and are set to this, that or the other thing, and it never happens?" Kauffman said this week. "We cannot put this off any longer. Let's keep it moving. Maybe it can't be moved up.
Let's keep it to October."
Too late, Mr. Representative.
PennDOT was scheduled to open bids in October for the $9.6 million project to widen the bridge to five lanes. The date had been moved back twice this year -- from June to August, then August to October.

Bid opening currently is set for Dec. 13, according to PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny.
"This project just keeps sliding," Penny said on Monday.
"It's difficult to clear the utilities and rights of way for it.
It's very frustrating for all involved...."  Delay hits Pa. 997 bridge work: Bid opening for I-81 overpass postponed - again - to October by Jim Hook, Senior Writer, Public Opinion, September 12, 2007

Our Congressman Bill Shuster serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which oversees our nation’s highways, airports, bridges, railroads, dams and ports.
Congressman Bill Shuster

United States House of Representatives
1108 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-3809
202-225-2486 (fax)
Email a message to Rep. Shuster at:


Rep. Shuster's office in Chambersburg, PA:
100 Lincoln Way East, Suite B
Chambersburg, PA 17201
717-264-0269 (fax)

Terry L. Punt, PA State Senator
Senate District 33
Senate Box 203033
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3033
ROOM: 16 East Wing
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-4651

District Office Address:
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
166 South Main Street
Suite 2, Kerrstown Square
Chambersburg , PA 17201
Punt's Email: 

"PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler, P.E., announced today that both the sufficiency and condition ratings for all 25,000 state-maintained bridges are now available on PennDOT’s Web site, www.dot.state.pa.us. “The safety of the state’s bridges is paramount,” Biehler said. “The bottom line remains that if a bridge is found to be unsafe, it is closed, and if a bridge can only carry certain weights, it’s posted with limits.”
...Along with the list of 25,000 bridges, the posting also contains a frequently asked questions section, along with the sufficiency rating and three condition rating numbers for each bridge...."
State-owned structurally deficient bridges Updated
(Click to see this in excel)
Line 2605 on the List of Structurally deficient brid(g)es
Excel spreadsheet shows the bridge near the Chambersburg Mall, Franklin County, PA:
This bridge is State Owned; Structurally Deficient (SD);
its Condition Rating relating to the Substructure
* is 4 = Poor, deterioration of primary structural elements has advanced; Functionally Obsolete (FO)
* Substructure is the part of the bridge that supports the super-structure such as piers and abutments.


Map of structurally deficient bridges in Franklin County  (Click)
PennDOT Bridge Inspection Terminology  (Click)
25 thousand bridges on State Routes and their sufficiency\condition Ratings (Click for EXCEL Doc) This is a very large file and downloads best with a high-speed connection.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Bridge Information Website (Click to website)  Scroll down page for links to more information

Also see C4aQE's ongoing email conversation (since September 2006) with Michael Lapano, Senior Project Manager, PennDOT, Engineering District 8-0, about delays in reconstructing the bridge on SR 997 over Rt. 81 near the Chambersburg Mall.  (Click to read) 
To PennDOT:  Please do not allow the delays in reconstructing this bridge to continue as they have in the past. 
This bridge is of particular importance because of the huge volume of both commercial heavy truck traffic and general passenger vehicle traffic using it daily. 
(Have you  driven out of the Chambersburg Mall over this bridge around Christmas?)  A failure of this bridge would be a disaster because there is no quick and easy alternate route for emergency vehicles from one side of Route 81 to the other.

July 19, 2007
Greenway and Open Space Plan for Franklin County, Public Meeting is going to be held Thursday, July 19th in the Commissioners Meeting Room, 14 North Main Street, Chambersburg at 10:00 AM.

The Franklin County Planning Commission has outlined greenways -- linear open spaces for walking, bicycling or canoeing -- that could enhance the quality of life in the county.
The commission will present its countywide Greenways and Open Space Plan from 2 to 4 p.m. and again from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Norlo Park Community Center off U.S. 30 south of Fayetteville. The public is invited to comment on the draft plan....
"...Developing greenways and open space can provide recreational opportunities, protect water quality and diminish flood risks," said Phil Tarquino, director of the Franklin County Planning Office.
"The economic benefits of greenways and open space have been well established," Franklin County Planner Dan Wolfe said. "They attract new residents and encourage new companies to locate in a region. They spin off new business opportunities, such as bike and boat rentals, trailside restaurants and lodgings. We have some of the most beautiful natural resources in the commonwealth right here in Franklin County, and a network of greenways and open space will allow us to tap into their economic potential."
Recreation gets a close look: County looks for ways to enhance use of greenways by Jim Hook, Senior writer, Public Opinion, May 22, 2007 (Click to read entire article)
Click for more about Implementing the Plans

"State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) extends congratulations to DeEtta Antoun on being appointed to the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Citizens Advisory Council....
"At Kauffman’s recommendation, Antoun was recently appointed by Speaker of the House John M. Perzel (R-Philadelphia) to the DEP Citizens Advisory Council. DeEtta has been the director of Citizens for a Quality Environment in Chambersburg since 2004...."
Click to read the entire announcement on Representative Rob Kauffman's website 

Click to learn more about the Citizens Advisory Council to DEP

"...Municipalities whose growth is outstripping their ability to provide roads, water and sewer could impose a temporary moratorium on new construction.
State Reps. Stephen Maitland, R-Gettysburg; Pat Fleagle, R-Waynesboro; and Rob Kauffman, R-Chambersburg, announced the legislative package Friday at the Franklin Fire Hall in Chambersburg. About 30 municipal officials applauded the proposal (H.B. 2564).
"I feel that we have developed a bill that will help control our growth without sacrificing the quality of life and quality jobs we have come to expect in Franklin County," Fleagle said...." 
Excerpt from New bill aims to recover cost of growth by Jim Hook, Public Opinion, April 1, 2006
Click to go to House Bill #2564 on the Pennsylvania House of Representatives website

Click for House Bill #2564 in PDF     ►Click for House Bill #2564 in Text

Representative Stephen Maitland's Land Use Draft - Overview (Click)
Costs & Revenues of Residential Development: A Workbook for Local Officials and Citizens - Community Impact Model in PDF (Click) 
Penn State website: Community Impact Model (Click)


"Smart growth recognizes connections between development and quality of life." Principles of "Smart Growth"  (Click)

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