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Citizens for a Quality Environment is an organization consisting of individuals working together toward preserving, reclaiming, and protecting a quality environment in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency's Mission "to protect human health and the environment."

Citizens for a Quality Environment come together to share concerns, target issues important to our group and our communities, gather information, and work toward issue resolutions."


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October 2007
Race for commissioner 4 candidates give views on overseeing spending Public Opinion Online, October 1, 2007 (Click to read the first responses to this series of questions presented by the Public Opinion, Chambersburg, PA) 

Cheryl Stearn wins in the Primary for Franklin County Commissioner (Click to Cheryl's Bio)
Click here for Cheryl's website
           Click for some of Cheryl's info in pdf

"Cheryl Stearn on Tuesday not only won a Democratic nomination for Franklin County Commissioner, but the mother from St. Thomas Township won it decisively. Stearn, co-owner of Sunrise Computers, finished first or second in nearly all 74 precincts against the likes of Robert Ziobrowski and James Zeger, veteran public servants. 
She campaigned hard and succeeded in getting women to the polls to vote for her, according to several poll watchers....
...Thomas, the incumbent county commissioner, saw his vote tally as an endorsement of the policies of the current commissioners, who have served as a team for 12 years. Thomas had a better than 2-to-1 winning margin....

...Early in the race Keller sent out a letter outlining his education, work experience and things he hoped to accomplish.

"I tried to target those I knew who would come out to vote," he said. "I was impressed so many (I visited) had read it...."

...Four candidates -- Republicans David Keller and incumbent Robert Thomas, plus Democrats Cheryl Stearn and Robert Ziobrowski -- will be on the Nov. 6 ballot for commissioner. The top three will be on the next Franklin County board...." 
4 take different paths to nomination by JIM HOOK, Senior writer, Public Opinion, May 20, 2007 

  Robert Thomas wins in the Primary for Franklin County Commissioner
 ► Bob's announcement--re-election bid for Franklin County Commissioner (Click)
     ► Bob's Bio (Click)
  ► Cheryl Stearn wins in the Primary for Franklin County Commissioner (Click to Cheryl's Bio)
Click here for Cheryl's website
           Click for some of Cheryl's info in pdf

All Franklin County, PA Primary Election results:
Unofficial Results Municipal Primary May 15, 2007 from the County website (Click)

      Franklin County Commissioners

  • Chairman G. Warren Elliot and Cheryl S. Plummer will NOT be standing for re-election to their current positions as Franklin County Commissioners.
    Robert (Bob) L. Thomas WILL be seeking re-election for another term as Franklin County Commissioner.
    Programs and Accomplishments, Franklin County - presented by Warren Elliot at today's Press Conference
    (Click to read pdf) 
    "...We've had stability for 11 years, said Elliott, chairman of the commissioners. We're at the top of where we need to be. This is a perfect time to run for re-election. It s a perfect time for change. I have decided at this time I will not stand for re-election.
    The county is running smoothly so I feel I can leave with good conscience, Plummer said. You have given me the most precious gift a person can receive -- trust. We have truly been a team, a team I have been proud to part of. I forever will be proud of being a politician who served the people of Franklin County.
    "...Thomas said he has the energy and desire to serve another term.
    He said one reason he ran 12 years ago was to coordinate planning efforts across municipal borders.
    Commissioners coordinated a county comprehensive plan in 1999. The plan is due for an update, Thomas said.
    Thomas, chairman of the Franklin County Council of Governments, said inter-municipal cooperation has only begun...."

    2 commissioners won't seek re-election by Jim Hook, Senior Writer, Public Opinion, February 13, 2007



"State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) extends congratulations to DeEtta Antoun on being appointed to the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Citizens Advisory Council....
"At Kauffman’s recommendation, Antoun was recently appointed by Speaker of the House John M. Perzel (R-Philadelphia) to the DEP Citizens Advisory Council. DeEtta has been the director of Citizens for a Quality Environment in Chambersburg since 2004...."
Click to read the entire announcement on Representative Rob Kauffman's website 

Click to learn more about the Citizens Advisory Council to DEP

"...Municipalities whose growth is outstripping their ability to provide roads, water and sewer could impose a temporary moratorium on new construction.
State Reps. Stephen Maitland, R-Gettysburg; Pat Fleagle, R-Waynesboro; and Rob Kauffman, R-Chambersburg, announced the legislative package Friday at the Franklin Fire Hall in Chambersburg. About 30 municipal officials applauded the proposal (H.B. 2564).
"I feel that we have developed a bill that will help control our growth without sacrificing the quality of life and quality jobs we have come to expect in Franklin County," Fleagle said...." 
Excerpt from New bill aims to recover cost of growth by Jim Hook, Public Opinion, April 1, 2006
Click to go to House Bill #2564 on the Pennsylvania House of Representatives website

Click for House Bill #2564 in PDF     ►Click for House Bill #2564 in Text

Representative Stephen Maitland's Land Use Draft - Overview (Click)
Costs & Revenues of Residential Development: A Workbook for Local Officials and Citizens - Community Impact Model in PDF (Click) 
Penn State website: Community Impact Model (Click)


"Smart growth recognizes connections between development and quality of life." Principles of "Smart Growth"  (Click)

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