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"A tanker rig overturned and burst into flames yesterday evening on a curving interstate ramp over Baltimore's South Hanover Street, killing the driver and sending a burning stream of its load of ethanol into the street below, igniting a row of parked vehicles, authorities said.
The wreckage burned for more than three hours as firefighters sprayed water and foam into the flames -- with the driver's body still in the truck cab...."

...Apparently no other vehicles were involved in the crash, Green said. But seven vehicles parked below, north of the ramp along the west side of Hanover, caught fire and were heavily damaged as burning ethanol flowed down the gutters.
Anthony Mapili, 33, who lives three blocks away, recalled a series of explosions. He looked toward the ramp and saw his 1992 Pontiac Sunbird and the six other vehicles being ignited by the burning stream.

"One by one, the vehicles caught fire," Mapili said. As they did, their tires exploded, said Betty Ewing, 69, who was sitting on her front porch when she heard the explosion.

"It was boom, boom, boom, and then there were a lot of fire and smoke," Ewing said...."  Tanker overturns, bursts into flames on ramp Engineers examine damage to I-95 interchange after fatal, fiery crash by Richard Irwin and Arin Gencer, Baltimore Sun, May 14, 2007 (Click to read)

Lightning Strike Starts Fire At Refinery, video at, Oklahoma City, April 27, 2007 (Click to view)
Refinery blows its top on, April 28, 2008 (Click to view)  

Also:  "...The fire caused a huge explosion at around 8:30 Friday night, causing many residents in the area to flee their homes in fear of the fire spreading after highly flammable liquid spilled out of a tank.... 
...moments later the second tank went up in flames in a second explosion, which was felt as far away as Sulphur, according to some reports.... 

...“The biggest threat from a fire like this is if the walls of the tank collapse it could spill what is being stored in the tank,” he said Friday afternoon.  

Hampton said the tank was storing a “gasoline component” at the time of the lightning strike.... 

This was the second fire at the Wynnewood Refinery in less than a year. Last May an explosion in a gasoline producing unit took days to burn out and caused the evacuation of several residents living near the plant...."
Wynnewood inferno: Fire scorches refinery; Massive fire started by lightning strike
by Jeff Shultz, Pauls Valley Daily Democrat (Pauls Valley, Okla.), Published: April 28, 2007 (Click to read)

"In addition to the question of odors, the plant will store (according to E85) 2.8 million gallons of ethanol, 105,000 gallons of gasoline, 150,000 pounds of sulfuric acid, 50,000 lbs. of caustic sodium hydroxide, 11,000 pounds of phosphoric acid, 190,000 pounds of urea and 98,000 pounds of ammonia. It could generate nearly 1,000 tractor-trailer visits a week or hundreds of rail-car arrivals and departures. It will use more than a thousand gallons of municipal water a minute and put millions of gallons of effluent-laden water through local sewer plants. Those figures are filled with questions about environmental and infrastructural impacts, and what they will cost the community...."  Commissioners must seek good answers about ethanol plant  from the Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, NC, March 17, 2007 (Click to read)

"NEW BRIGHTON, Pennsylvania — A freight train derailed and burst into flames over a bridge in southwestern Pennsylvania, leaving fiery rail cars dangling over a river, authorities said....
...The eastbound, 80-car Norfolk Southern Railroad train was carrying ethanol when it derailed above the Beaver River at about 10:50 p.m. Friday, said Norfolk Southern spokesman Rudy Husband...." Freight Train Derails, Catches Fire While Crossing River Near Pittsburgh from, by Associated Press, October 21, 2006 (Click to read)
Wreck cuts train link by Andrew Conte, Rick Wills and Joe Napsha, For the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 22, 2006   (Click to read and see photos)
"...A spokesman for the Beaver County 911 center said the train included about 80 cars, some of which were tankers loaded with liquid ethanol, an alternative fuel.
"Some of the cars were carrying liquid ethanol and some did catch on fire," the spokesman said...."
Train derailment in New Brighton sparks fire, explosion, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 20, 2006, (Click to read)

Explosion rocks biodiesel plant, Meridian man killed KTVB.COM & Associated Press Boise, Idaho
The resulting fire destroyed the building....
...Blue Sky Biodiesel had not yet opened for business but was expected to in the coming weeks....
...More than a dozen nearby homes and businesses were evacuated as a precautionary measure. It is not known if the fumes from the fire are toxic.
...The facility was originally scheduled to open two months ago, but was delayed by safety concerns...."  (Click to read entire story)

"Two workers at an Army ammunition plant were presumed dead after an explosion Monday, officials said.
The blast at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant destroyed a bay extending from the main building, which was also damaged. The cause had not been released Monday night...."    Two Presumed Dead in Blast at Iowa Plant  Middletown, Iowa,, June 12, 2006 (Click to read article)

Also read: 
Two injured, two presumed dead in Iowa munitions plant explosion by Abby Simons, DesMoines Register, June 12, 2006 (Click to read article)

Map showing the areas that would require immediate evacuation and stay indoors actions should an accident, explosion, or spill occur on the Penn-Mar Ethanol distillery site: 
All map files are very large (high-speed connections will work best) and may take some time to form.
- Map with 2.5 miles
(Immediate Evacuation) and 5 miles (Stay Indoors) radiuses (Click to view in pdf)
- Map of the immediate area around the Penn-Mar proposed distillery site marked.   
(Click to view in pdf)
- Map of Franklin County with 2.5 miles and 5 miles areas.  This is a very large file for high-speed connections only and it will still take some time to view.  (Click here for map)
Also see chemicals and hazardous materials that would be stored at the site. (Click)

Pages with information about evacuation areas from Penn-Mar Ethanol's Emergency Response Plan submitted for their proposed Conoy Township, Lancaster County distillery (Click)

Excerpt from Proposed ethanol plant details emergency-response plan by Ad Crable, Lancaster New Era showing map of evacuation areas. (Click)

  Oil - gasoline depot/terminal explosion:

"...Explosions ripped through a major fuel depot north of London on Sunday, injuring dozens of people, blowing doors off nearby homes and sending fireballs and massive clouds of black smoke into the sky....
Noxious fumes from the fire, which left some people coughing, also affected the large number of police who sealed off the area and evacuated nearly 300 people to a bowling alley being used as a temporary shelter....
The Environment Agency said any leaking kerosene, oil or gasoline could damage nearby rivers or streams...."
Explosions at fuel depot shake southeast England by Thomas Wagner, AP, Salt Lake Tribune, December 12, 2005 (Click) 

"...The network showed flames shooting an estimated 80 to 100 meters (up to 300 feet) in the air, along with an immense cloud of smoke blocking out the sun. Witnesses told ITN the blasts shattered windows and caused other damage at nearby homes....
...Witness Simon Heyward described to ITN seeing "what looked like fireworks shooting up into the sky." Police, he said, had cordoned off the area....
Crews attack UK fuel depot blaze from CNN online contributed by the Associated Press, December 12, 2005 (Click)

! To read the list of volatile and hazardous materials that would be stored at the proposed Penn-Mar Ethanol distillery site next to Letterkenny Army Depots critical missions.  Click

! Click here for a group of pictures of the Port Kembla Fire.  Click on the thumbnails pictures for a larger picture.
!  Click here to find link to the story below.


..."Two large metal bins collapsed and took out a bunch of apparatus, the mechanism that distributes the grain from the bins--it disabled all of that--it's just a snarled mess,"  Chief Deputy Craig Friedrichs said...
...He said the Canadian National Railroad line remained closed at noon becuase of corn that had spilled onto the tracks..."
 Grain Bins Collapse at Iowa Ethanol Plant USAgNet - 12/08/2005


Fire strikes ethanol plant by Shawna Richter, The Hawk Eye News, West Burlington, Iowa, September 23, 2005
   (Click here to read article)


"West Burlington, Iowa (AP) -- A fire broke out today at an ethanol plant in West Burlington..."
Fire breaks out at ethanol plant News Channel 8 (Click to read article)
September 22, 2005


ETHANOL SPILL AND EVACUATION Tuesday, September 6, 2005 
Ethanol spill forces some in Brentwood to overnight shelter
(Click to Read)  posted on the KRON4 website Click on the headline on the website to watch a video report.  Read about another evacuation (Click)       


Train derails, spilling cargo Fears of ethanol explosion force 100 to leave their homes , The Wichita Eagle, posted September 1, 2005


Tanker Spills 30,000 Gallons of Ethanol (Click to Read) by By ROXANA HEGEMAN The Associated Press, from

"Some witnesses described the explosion as big enough to send a mushroom cloud 500 feet into the air...."   Explosion sets Detroit plant ablaze (Click to read article and see video)   

Explosions rip plant, residents evacuated from the Detroit Free Press website (Click to read and see photos)  
Dangers of fire and explosion at ethanol distilleries (Click to Read)
2.5 Mile IMMEDIATE Evacuation Plan for Penn-Mar distillery (Click)
Click to see the list of hazardous and volatile substances that would be store at the Penn-Mar site.

Why are the Franklin County Commissioners not concerned about building the new 440 bed Franklin County Prison a few hundred yards from the proposed Penn-Mar ethanol distillery site?  Contact them now and ask them.  Please share their answers with us via Letters to the Editor!
Click here to read more about the Franklin County Prison

Franklin County Commissioners email addresses and snail mail address

Proposed ethanol plant details emergency-response plan by Ad Crable, New Era Staff Writer
(Click to view)
  Information we have been able to obtain indicates that Penn-Mar Ethanol's Emergency Response Plan that was submitted to Franklin County Planning Commission and Greene Township is the same identical Plan.

More articles about the dangers of ethanol distilleries

I-74 truck crash spills ethanol by STEVE BAUER, THE NEWS-GAZETTE, Champaign-Urbana, IL, Published Online August 3, 2005  (Click to read the article)

Oklahoma Oil Company Fire Prompts Evacuations (Click to View)  Posted: 2:25 pm EST January 15, 2005

Explosions Rock Fort Worth Industrial Complex, Story by, July 28, 2005
Images: Massive Blaze

Three Injured In Chemical Plant Fire (Click to read)  10WBNS TV, July 28, 2005

Paxair Explosion 6/24/05 (Click)

Train Carrying Ethanol Derails In New Mexico (Click to view story)  Posted: 6:26 pm EST January 31, 2005

Emergency Responders Can't Handle an ethanol accident. By Ryan Phillips, July, 2004

Questions come in ethanol plant fire  By Terry Camp,   Caro  05/19/04

!  Workers flee ethanol explosion by Juan Carlos Tomas and Antony Field
Click here to go directly to the picture gallery.

Ethanol inferno extinguished   By Angela Kamper, Matthew Denholm January 29, 2004
Pictures of Port Kembla fire  - Kembla - bird's eye view   Kembla Fire at dusk

Fire damages Gopher State Ethanol plant  By Terry Collins, July 26, 2003

Ethanol plant blast kills 1  By Mara H. Gottfreid,  Pioneer Press  (Picture)

Iowa Ethanol Plant Fire Mason City, Iowa, October 2004

Plover fire victim recovering Wisconsin, August 2003

Midwest Grain Explodes from the Atchison Daily Globe, Kansas, September 2002

"...the 75,000 gallons of gasoline to be stored at the plant can create one huge explosion with one gallon of gasoline equal to 30 sticks of dynamite. This creates an explosive hazard of 2,250,000 sticks of dynamite but with the added risk that gasoline can give off explosive vapors (flash point) as low as -50° F!"
Ethanol plant would benefit only those who stand to profit from it.
(Click to read the entire Letter to the Editor of the Public Opinion)

According to the Integrated Contingency Plans for Penn-Mar Ethanol (March 31, 2005) which is part of Penn-Mar's Plan Approval Application to PADEP for a "60 Million Gallons Per Year Fuel Ethanol Production Facility," the following would be stored on-site:

... five 13,333 cubic foot Carbon Dioxide (CO2) storage tanks
        8,000 lbs Anhydrous ammonia would be at the distillery;
      18,000 gallons of Aqueous ammonia would be in an aboveground storage tank;
    165,000 gallons 95% ethanol - aboveground storage tank;
    165,000 gallons 100% ethanol - aboveground storage tank;
1.5 million gallons Fuel Ethanol - 2 aboveground storage tanks (AST);
     75,000 gallons of Gasoline for denaturing in
aboveground storage tank (AST);
       7,000 gallons Sulfuric Acid - aboveground storage tank;
       5,700 gallons Sulfamic Acid - aboveground storage tank;
       8,000 gallons Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) - aboveground storage tank;
      8,400 gallons Glucose Amylase - aboveground storage tank;
      8,400 gallons Alpha Amylase - aboveground storage tank;
4 Fermentation tanks:
   745,000 gallons each
1,000,000 gallons - Beer well

Penn-Mar Ethanol does not mention the proposed Franklin County Prison in its External Factor Planning
from the Integrated Contingency Plans for Penn-Mar Ethanol (Click to view).
It does state: "Bomb threats, civil disturbances, national emergencies and other large-scale emergencies would be unlikely to contribute to a hazardous materials release."

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